Wasted Day =.=

i know its a blur pic but its one of best camwhore pics i have of three of us. will post up more when i get the rest of the pics from swiftwinggy XDD

well. yesterday was jus wasted. what was promised wasnt fulfiled. first thing i would like to emphasize on. LATENESS. why is it that ppl cannot be on time AT ALL? we said to meet at 2.30pm. i was late, so i cabbed down. 3pm. THEY WERE STILL FUCKIN AT PLAZA SING WHICH WAS STILL QUITE A WAY FROM FORT CANNIN. i was very very very angry. no amount of words can express my anger. secondly, what was promised wasnt achieved at all. I AGREED TO THE SHOOT BECAUSE THERE WAS A PORSCHE. you heard me. A FUCKING PORSCHE. but no. it was a shit antique car. i was very very very angry. in the end we took pictures somewhereelse and ditched nic and all. i m glad that swiftwing can make it, if not i would have most probably slapped nic. it was SO DAMN ANNOYING. to top it off, his cousin was smiling like OH SO PROUD OF MY ANTIQUE CAR. i wasnt the least impressed. even my dad's old shit honda looks so much better than it. IT WAS IN FUCKIN DIRTGREEN. thats like the worst colour. you want me to pose with that kind of car? get me victorian age clothes and i will consider. fuck.

after that we went to meet stefie they all and celebrate steffi bdae >3 she cant walk in heels BWAHAHHAHAHA it was epic and wendy nearly got her wrist broken >.> thanks to the dear bdae girl hahaha.

when i was on my way home. i bumped into some shit situation again....the BUS BROKE DOWN. and i was temporary ditched at west grove busstop as the buses run by cause they are FULL =.=;;;; was so damn bored....den bernard called to chat. well at least not that bored anymore =.= stop calling me idiot you bitch =.=llll hahaha

anyway, i cant wait for the photos. i was quite happy with the conditions my ladies were in even though they are not clad in lolita and punk wear >3 i was specially happy with lady Jin's shots cause it was very album coverish and princess looked very nice with the shades[points to the one i wear in the picture]...*self reminder: ask and get one pair too.*


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