Why i love me. THIS IS WHY!

The SEME or UKE Quiz

You scored as a The Homicidal SEME

You are the truly highest level of SEME as well as the most dangerous and sadistic. You love to force others to do your bidding and have absolutely no clue what others mean by 'feeling sorry'. You like the dark, evil, and heartless but nothings fun if you don't get to break it. You will not tolerate others pushing you around and an easy word for your personality is bossy.

You could skip the romance and get right to the bed if you wanted to but then again you never even need the romantic-hoo-ha and that's why you're matched with he Devilish UKE. All UKE fear you in some way but that's jut how you like it.

You could never befriend anyone that your little Devil-UKE didn't show you to which means the only SEME you would get along with would be the Breaker SEME. It has been established that you are the kinkiest kink in all of kink-town but one thing you really love is to make your partner beg and to punish them. Don't be afraid, be insane.

OH btw. Zereall is breaker seme. explains how we get along so well >3

The Homicidal SEME
The Devilish UKE
The Sorrowful UKE
The Gentle SEME
The Optimistic UKE
The Breaker SEME

Mello wear thongs, Matt wears panties, L wears G-string and Near wears boxers with HELLO KITTIES. i love my life >3 i own all. period.


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