=.= wth

=.= i m sick. again. this is almost ridiculous. i was up and jumpin during the first break . and second meetin came and i fell sick...ridiculous. seriously. i have no idea why but wtf man.

another worse thing happened =.=;;;; i left my charger in school. now i m prayin to all sorts of gods that it will still be there in the morning when i go back tmr....if not. its good game for me. FOR GOOD. i have would have to spend like $200+ to replace it >.> no wai man. i dont have that much of cash....being broke sucks. if not i would have gone out more often....

have to mug for tmr's ut...yes. i have to. after i finish my RJ. i realise my concentration is always better when i m sick. another riduculous fact. now i wished that dra was with me[inside joke lawls.]

off to mug >.>


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