HURHUR, the cute bedsheet in the area i work~~ wanted this~~~but my mom said no ;A;

ah well. anyway~thanks all who celebrated my bdae today~ was really happy.

we went to eat den went to take pictures and played arcade 8D wootz~~i pwned voodoo in daytona~i seriously thought i would lose but i dint even hear him switch gears...only like thrice 8D but preshie pwned me in advance D8 hahaah....i lost. i admit. hahaha...need to brush up skills XDXD

alot of buttslappin today~hurhur XDXD

thanks to Jin, Preshie, Nut and of course Voodoo~~~for makin the day before my bdae such a wonderful day~i m gonna sleep with a smile later~~hehehe

edited: and since darryl was so nice to point it out....VOODOO WORE MY HOODIE thanks.

on to the pictures.

one of the picture i took with my phone after i designed...i forgot to take the finding preshie photo D=

something i drew cos i was bored during work

LAWLS. my new~~~~and as usual LADY hahaha....taken jus for fun...all high liaoz XD


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