First post for the CE activity


FINALLY!!! bloggin seh -inserts wiggling eyebrows emocon- to start the post 8D i m posting yuuto's photo because TEH never see his guyish pictures before. lol. i like the lighting but Z-nii says its very brothel like =.=

ANYWAY THREE CHEERS PEOPLE!!! I jus got a job at john little. damn zai right? work for like two weeks only ALSO CAN. 8D all thanks to my pink bundle of joy, Chiru 8D

anyway. went to the HR with chiru. all the way at marina square =.= damn sian.

after that bought donuts home, met teh and Lady jin at jp. and I NOW HAS NEW SCISSORS 8D goody~damn happy can *hugs lady Jin* den brought the epic lover twins to my place and den started on my mater piece again 8D hahahaha

after cutting, he himself comment that machiam like finish cutting dog hair after he see all the hair on the floor den i m like YA LOR, you the dog lor 8d hahaha. my new dog, yuan yuan WAKAKAKAKAKAKA

anyway. these are the results of cutting and re-bleachin. i change his sideburns from / to \. layered his hair short, trimmed his fringe and now. he looks a little bit more like last time =X lol. and den bleached his side light blond and behind is gold blond....nex time. i should do all light blond for him 8D enjoy while i go sleep. lol. HE CANOT STAND STRAIGHT CAN, keep moving and moving..=w=;;;


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