i wanna do a ludwig as good as the one on the picture[the one in orange hair]

today, i have been sent to the goodwill-ed heaven again AKA BASEMENT1 store 8D so fun to be there.

Jin came over lunch to see me and chat with me for an hour or so and we went for my dinner break. lawls. and she reserved the mayu shinjo book and asking voodoo to buy tmr cos she not EIGHTEEN hhahaha XDXD so voodoo hash no choice but to get his ass over to jurong point LAWLS

After that, SWEET AH BENG DARRYL came over after my break and as usual. he was LOST. but he wont admit that he is lost. he will jus say i give wrong instructions, he first time there ETC ETC ETC 8D and why i say e ish sweet~~~~cos he *beep~~~~* hahaha....i wont say la. if not he say will ruin his rep LAWLS

so ah well~~~

i hope i get basement tomorrow too...its a nice heaven.


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