HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH zack kanna k-o by Sephy Sensei~~~ *hugs sephy* Genisis is like so cute at acting blur can?

anyway today is another boring day =.= gawd. i'll continue by giving my thoughts on Blog and Diary. pardon me for making such an intellecture post. LOL while my dad annoys me by sittin beside me and watch me blog LAWLS

To me. blog is an online place to announce everything. so somethings you can put up and somethings you cannot. for example, you cannot put up racist thoughts and things that insults your closest friends unless the blog is private and unknown to them, which is like no point, you might as well write a dairy LAWLS.
In blog, you can always put weird things to annoy the shit out of people or you can post randomly and not to record your memories online. Blogs have been used for umpteen things, or so i have seen. most common ones will be the those stupid blogshops which conducts sprees to SUCK your money. seriously. might as well buy by yourself =w=;;;

This thing contains all your idiotic thoughts and bitches about life. seriously. half of the entries will be like OH I HATE HIM, OH I LOVE HIM, OH GAWD. its seriously whiney, which is why i dont bother keep one if not the pages will be filled with doodles. Another point which puts me off diary is that you get caught writing it or people will sneak read it. NO PRIVACY, at least on net you can LOCK it.
I tried once before and filled it with hate thoughts of my mom and when i reached home, the pages were torn out and i was slapped silly =.= I WAS AT A AGE OF FOURTEEN ONLY! from den onwards, i'll never EVER write diaries again...the only ones i wrote was something like poems? and not really anyone could dechiper it. I have burnt those pages too, cos it was memories i never liked to keep.

so my conclusion is...both sucks. but at least there is somewhere you can publish your thoughts and ideals.


things are very funny ever since i changed my dp// after natsu matsuri. I have messages asking if voodoo dear was my boyfriend....hahahahah!!! damn funny...i should have saved the conversations...both me and voodoo are laughin over it like 5 mins ago. It was fun to see their reactions when i say yes, are you jealous? 8D but no...kakakaka voodoo darling ish not my boyfriend~awwww~~~hahahahaha
hahaha, jin i know what you going to say, careful i knock out your teeth desu 8D kekeke

tmr have to go to work. i seriously dont feel like going to the place...everyone is like so one is geniunely smiling at you AT ALL. it is so different from DHL warehouse...i miss the peeps there but i hate the environment...

i wish thursday would come faster....den i can see all my peeps...Jin,presh,nut,voodoo and maybe bernard[most unlikely >.>]? geh. i m also lookin forward to wed. cos like darryl says he can come find me.


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