Natsu Matsuri

anyway~today was natsu matsuri 8D for the first time, i wore a yukata there~~damn happy can 8D and i met alot of people who could not believe that i m sochii LOLOLOL

i know i usually wear guy stuff =w=;;; but i cant cross dress at matsuri mahz!!!! duh.

anyway. picture paints a thousand words. but before that. i would like to thanks Lady Jin, Princess Preshie, Voodoo13[JR look alike] and of course, teh adorable DARRYL aka DARIRU for companying me for this matsuri and making it so enjoyable 8D

i hooked 5 balloons 8D gave one to vic, one to mom, one to bro, one to cousin and kept one 8D i still have a notebook too~~

i dont have pictures of the place, but i have pictures of me and the peeps thanked 8D

Me and darryl!!! finally meet after knowin each other for so long can =w=;;;; *virtual pats*

me and princess preshie 8D

me and voodoo~~my ginji dear~~~hurhur

me and Lady jin and voodoo 8D [jinjin has more pics 8D]

not related, but jinjin want to know what sushi mochi looked like

i had so much fun with the balloons can~~so happy today *hugs all* thanks all~~~


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