This is laoda, wearin MY WIG. >3 i m soooo impressed with my own styling skills. seems like i m becoming friends with THE SCISSORS.

anyway. i feel so much happier after preshie came, so there is something which cheers me up afterall. and i jus got aviator googles too~gonna wear it tmr if it looks nice on me wakakakak

ripped off from kiyo-nee's LJ

3 names you go by :
[a] joyce
[b] sochii
[c] yulong gege

3 screen names you have had :
[a] sochii
[b] Andelia
[c] -

3 physical things you like about yourself :
[a] hair
[b] waist
[c] attitude

3 parts of your heritage :
[a] chinese
[b] asian
[c] * you wont want to know where i get all my ego from*

3 things that scare you :
[a] yuuto falling
[b] no moolah
[c] stress

3 of your everyday essentials :
[a] sleep @w@
[b] eat
[c] drink

3 things you are wearing right now :
[a] hoodie that toya gave me
[b] jeans
[c] rings

3 of your CURRENT favourite bands or musical artists :
[a] Gazette
[b] Daizystripper
[c] Gackt

3 of your CURRENT favourite songs :
[a] Guren - Gazette
[b] Chain- Back-On
[c] Moon light snow rabbit - Vistlip

3 things you want in a relationship :
[a] Independence
[b] Trust
[c] Loyalty

2 truths and 1 lie (in no particular order) : [try guessing which is a lie]
[a] Yuuto is brainless
[b] I m damn poor
[c] I drank 5 bottles of water

3 physical things about the preferred sex her that appeal to you :
[a] eyes
[b] waist
[c] hands

3 of your favourite (i swear the grammar here is just win.) hobbies :
[a] ice skating
[b] cosplaying
[c] sleeping =.=

3 things you want to do badly right now :
[a] cure my cough
[b] find my 10 bucks
[c] sleep.

3 careers you're considering/you've considered :
[a] business women
[b] normal workin class
[c] club manager.

3 places you want to go on vacation:
[a] Japan.
[b] Paris
[c] Home =.=

3 names you like:
[a] Yuuto
[b] Pweshie
[c] Sochii

3 things you want to do before you die:
[a] dress me and yuu in burial clothes LOL
[b] do what i feel like doing
[c] make sure i m not dying single LOL

3 ways you are stereotypinges you have of a boy/guy:
do you mean those who i think are guys or those who are really guys?

3 ways you are stereotypinges you have of a girl[reference to bimbos]:
[a] bimbo speech/twitter
[b] dress till fats bulges out
[c] rebonded long hair

3 celebs; 3 fictional crushes:
All manga
- ayame [fruit basket]
- ludwig [ludwig kakumei]
- William [Model]


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