Atsuki modelling shoot


All camwhore pictures. nothing else yet.


ok. so i was nuts. i woke up say 4 something cause i cant sleep...did my nails...and guess wad...=A+ I WENT THROUGH 6 EPISODe WORTH OF SUKISYO [special thanks to nocturnal for the disc] and finally fall asleep at 7 in the morning =A+ and i woke up at 10.30am to prepare for the shoot.

another epic rush. and lawliet...well...everything was against her for that day hahahaha....but sankyuu for the leftover pack of epic sweets 8D now i can annoy zereall with it XDXD

i would like to thank uncle punk for chauffering me around and for the pay for such an unprofessional model like me. and for macdonalds for dinner 8D and bread+AnW drink for lunch uahahahahahaha~~

alot of things happen during the shoot..damn epic too 8D and thanks lawliet and akimme for being with me 8D and thanks you so much swiftwing for the hardwork. and lol @ usagi who dropped in for a off-duty slack.

so after the shoot we went back to atsuki and guess who we saw? KOSMO lol and vectors 8D if there is anyoneelse, sorry but i cant be bothered to remember.

LOL to vectors' foreign talent XDXD realise vectors is actually very nice and funny 8D and kosmo you still haven made up your mind on what hairstyle right 8D. and THANK YOU FLICK FLICK FLICK so much for driving meh home T^T if not i would most probably reach like 11+ and tired the shit out of me.

and...CAMWHORE PICTURES 8D i have been waiting for this. muahahahaha

overexposed pictures and such XD

break after my GE-look-alike set

epic taiko drummer set

thanks all for the hardwork people!!

I m starting to repioritise my thoughts over and over again =.= sometimes....somethings that happen in life makes you think twice over what you should do....i find things and hear words that makes me repioritise everything....why am i sooooo indecisive. Lets hope it is for the better this time...
xsmfrt....i hope...


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