because i m a typical singaporean 8D

I M DOING SUKISYO bwahahahahahah i m doing yoru....OTL i have to train muscles....muscles....come to meh....LOL.

anyway, darryl is gone for trainin, but he will be back by sunday. i wish him glhf and sleep with leeches 8D thats his greatest fear. LOL. or maybe it was some other things but i forgot. anything 8D

oh yea. he said i muz tag three ppl. so it will be darryl, dariru and deriru 8D so efficient of me. 8D


Back to topic. i m a typical singaporean. cos i COMPRAINED 8D i love my life.

here is their apology. not really sincere, nothing done to appease me, but i guess this will do.

ohoh. first, take a look at my typical singaporean comprain:

Comment: I m VERY VERY displease with your services at this very moment. 17/09/08 5.23pm. One of yourpostmen called me around 5 minutes earlier andwas VERY VERY rude to me as a customer. IS THATTHE KIND OF SERVICE FEDEX GIVE TO PEOPLE??? i gotshouted at for not picking up my phone and fromhis way of speaking i doubt that he was evenWILLING to send my package to me.

Not to mention I was even reprimanded for not calling him backjust because I did not have a caller ID which Ican actually respond back to him. THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM WITH YOUR COMPANY and i mseriously displeased with how i m treated as acustomer, not to mention a FIRST TIME customer.

YOU HAVE DISAPPOINTED ME FEDEX, he even HUNG UPON ME. All those politeness in the commercials are fake arent they?? I WILL NOT HESISTATE to telleveryone i know about this incident. If this ishow you treat your customers, I m really verydisappointed. I really hope that you guys can improve on youractions. I have always held high hopes of youguys over singpost speedpost, but this is just sodisappointing.

and here is their SINCERE apologies
Dear *beep*,

Thank you for taking the time to highlight this incident to our attention.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident.Please be assured that this matter has been highlighted to the appropriate management and the necessary corrective action has been taken.

Your experience with this shipment is neither typical nor a reflection of the type of service we wish to provide.

We regret the inconvenience caused by this incident and we hope to serve you more efficiently in the future.

Should you require any further assistance, please kindly contact our toll-freeCustomer Service hotline at 1-800-743-2626. Thank you. R
egards, Devaki Malayalam
FedEx Singapore


if my nex shipment...*expected nex wk* comes in the same way....i'll not hesistate to comprain again 8D try to scold me again luh. 8D try la. i m the true evilness. did i mention the one i comprained against was an old uncle?


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