i logged on this mornin and all in glorious love and morning~~~i see a snoozing MISTAR SLOTH *gets brick* well i love pwetty things~sue me.

anyway. another picture of Azhy as sloth. well. his name is gettin too long [Azhrien Saffkas] so i m callin him Azhy. in this blog only. lol.

so yea....i m sure only two person has heard the dumb mistake i made....ugh.
i know its gross as in MY TOE IS GROSS...and you might think SMALL CUT WAD~but no....i took this when the blood stopped completely and 1/4 of my toilet floor was drenched in blood XDXD well...i dropped the damn thinner bottle when i was playing with the frat water baby inside it...and well...hand slipped, bottle crashed and splinters~~~gyahahahahahaha~~~ ah ok.

anyway...update on yuuto foot: its still kinda slight yellowish but subject is showin good signs. shall return to cleanin and report again in a few days. hoping it turns back to white >.>lll

anyway~~ a few more photos...
cyth in her glory beauty XDXD

and Azhy in his dorky shopped =.=llll he has the weirdest wishes for his facials. lets say picture below showed all...i have the originals. but i think he wants this up better XDXD


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