Still awake =w=lll

lemme introduce 8D this is Azhrien. one of my friends on aarinfantasy alongside with Cyth[i'll post her pictures next time].

ISNT HE PRETTY? 8D well. those glasses were from me...and well...they are both from phillipines HAHAHAHA~~~ yea. my overseas good buddies 8D Azhrien is very goodlooking and overbrimin with sexines while Cyth is awesomely pretty with enchanting eyes 8D hah.

there will be more photos of Azhrien as he promised them to me as payment for the specs 8D in case some of you are wondering, i did wear the specs and did a short camwhorin session as a request from Azhrien >///< haha. anyway, the framing looks way better on him den me. shall do a compilation of photos of both of us in the same pair of specs...and maybe cyth will take some too 8D

anyway....some of you might wonder why am i up this late....or rather this early....ever since yesterday's 6.20am till now, I have only slept two and a half hours and i just submitted my PP report WOOTZ~~~ finally =.= i m like dead tired with a slight gastric and still surving on AnW rootbeer =A=llll *gets bricked* i m still slightly feverish though~AH HA.

well. my VLC player is loopin the song When you're looking like that. its quite an awesome song.


Guess I failed to love you
And you're taking it out tonight

Am I supposed to leave you now
When you're looking like that
I can't believe what I just gave away
Now I can't take it back
I don't wanna get lost
I don't wanna live my life without you
Am I supposed to leave you now
When you're looking like that


awesome. jus listen. and no zereall =.= dont bring that up. it is not THAT.


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