Questionable Singapore Service effectiveness

yes. I have gotten so annoyed to the point that I MUST do this.

This is extremely ridiculous. Is that what we Singaporean paid taxes and cash for??

case #1 - Singpost

This is the company that has a problem with me and all my friends ever since two years back. LOST MAIL, RETAINED MAIL, LATE MAIL, LOUSY SERVICE.

Lost mail- i dont even wanna count. you guys disgust me with how you handle stuff

Retained mai- I m sure MANY have this problem. i dont recall bloggin about it, but one of my mail was retained for TWO FREAKING MONTHS and did not get delivered in time causing me to lose over $40[not inclusive of fees charged]. You guys might say if its important why not get SPEEDPOST? SPEEDPOST is as worse as registered. which I will talk about later.

Late Mail- HAH. this was by your honorable SPEEDPOST SERVICE. The package was here, but nooooooooo, you did not deliver it to my friend for ONE WHOLE FREAKIN WEEK. what the hell? My friend had to go down to collect it. Fair enough. YOU COULDNT EVEN TELL MY FRIEND WHEN TO COLLECT IT. incompetant FOOLS.

Lousy service- Did i mention how we call and mail and call for our things? well. now i do. YOU GUYS HAVE THE GUTS TO PUT MY PRINCESS ON HOLD FOR 5 DAYS IN A ROW and on hold for more than THREE TIMES a day. Did I mention the holds are like MORE THAN AN HOUR. Do you think you are busier than us? get a life. QUIT YOUR DAMN JOB.

--------------case 1 : ON GOING------------------------

Case #2- Fedex

ver disappointed but the second delivery went well.

-------------case 2 : Closed TEMPORARY----------------------

Case #3- POSB

I m sure most of you wondered why this is here...

I signed up for my debit card recently as you guys know, and waited for two weeks plus before my card came. I m ok with the waiting time but i think that this is stupid. PEOPLE DONT APPLY FOR DEBIT EVERY SINGLE DAY. Was it that hard to process one damn card by jus typing in everything to the database. I wonder why you guys have hired so many people for? Incompetant fools again? That aside, I dont really blame you guys for that. THIS IS BECAUSE I CAN WAIT, thank the dolfies, they made me wait longer.


I understand the need to send me a deactivated card. but to send me a card WHICH STAYS DEACTIVATED??? are you kiddin me?!!! you even locked my damn ATM card when i tried to activate the Debit card. YOU GUYS ARE GETTIN OVERBOARD. ok. lets assume its machine defaults. WHAT ARE THE MECHANICS YOU HIRE FOR?! dont they go on routine checks??? absolute rubbish system.

So I went down and stuff. I was told to go back to get my IC card. JUST BECAUSE I M FREAKING 18 DOESNT MEAN THAT YOU CAN TREAT ME LIKE A CHILD, where is your respect for customers? there I m trying to be as mature as i can to talk to your service crew, but right. YOU SMILE WHEN I M ALREADY AT THE BRINK OF WRINGING YOU, YOU TREAT THIS LIKE SOME KIND OF JOKE. posb. i m absolutely disappointed. if you treat me like a joke how can i trust you with my money? period. GO REFLECT.

---------- case 3 : on-going ------------------


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