still MIA-ing

relax luh~~~i know Dingo played this at Zander's house before. but idk what game. but its seriously epic 8D

hrhur...i know i know. i haven been updating. SO AT THE REQUEST OF MR DARRYL DURING OUT DARRYL AND SOCHII'S TIME, here i m to do some updates.

i m killing myself with law class. reasonin through ages burn my brains. i hate the sports management faci and i m startin to do the same to the young and likeable leisure planning faci...jus not yet...but soon....look at my grades =.=

nah. i m not gonna show it. jus finished up the commission for mitsu's tattoo. and i m gonna work on Sho's one nex. zzzzzzzzzzzz i m so lazy to do coatin can? basket =.=lll

anyway....i would like to introduce my new love. 8D DERRICK BARRY aka britney spears

go google him on youtube. he jus owns your ass so badly can....

oh. i realise i did not really blog much on the incoming kid. well.....yuuto's virtual network boyfriend is currently packing and on his way with his epic twin friends to visit yuuto. PERMANENTLY. awwwwwwww such a sweet boyfriend right?? [yuuto: do you HAVE to tell people??!!! *bustling around to get nice gifts[clothes]for Lucien]

Name: Lucien Krad Rehauste
Age: unknown
Race: English / Korean [mix]
mould: customhouse Marco

i m sort of doubtful whether he will be taller or shorter den yuuto though....since the web says 42 and yuuto USED to be 42....recently he is a 44....mayb of heat expansion??? *rushes home to check again due to cold weather these few days.*



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