Thanks and Welcom back

i m too tired to do anything fanciful or post pictures. i'll update tmr. this post is specially dedicated to flick[even though he doesn read my blog] and darryl.

Flick>>> THANKS ALOT for being our caretaker and driving me all the way home today[homg waste of patrol] but yes 8D thanks alot flick flick flick flick

and to darryl>> welcome back ^^

edit>>> because i ish want to post this after my atsuki modellin post.

time: 10.31am [22/9]
name: Sochii // Andelia
birthday: 29th Aug
birthplace: Sg
eye colour: Dark brown [two different tones]
hair colour: black[nature] brown and highlights[dyed duh]
height: 164
right/left handed: right handed
heritage: chinese
worst habit: lazy
zodiac sigh: Horse
shoe size: 5
pant size: 27" hipster, 25" waist
innie or outie: both
parents still together: yes
shoes you wore today: slippers
your weakness: moodswings
your fears: its not suppose to be exposed =.=
your perfect pizza: with alot of cheese
goal you would like to achieve this year: haha. earn enough for my resin boys and me. one less enemy 8D
your most overused phrase in msn: lol
your best physical feature: waist
your bedtime: depends
your most missed memories: the special times 8D

colours: black,snow white, crystal dark blue, rich purple and any other elegant colours i guess...
food: italian
sports: iceskating
animal: dogs
ice cream: strawberry
candy: epic sweet?? [japanese candy of all kinds]
store: H.Naoto [No MONEY LUH]
salad dressing: thousand island
actor: whut
songs: Remember the Time
letter: XYZ
number: 7
gum: mine 8D
holiday: CNY and Christmas

swear: fuck
sing well: ...*cough*
shower daily: =.= like duh?
want to go college: SMU
want to get married: haha.
believe in yourself: Sochii
get motion sickness: do you mean after going on a rollercoaster for 30 times running?
think you're attractive: me or sochii?
get along with your parents: yea
like thunderstorms: the rain. not thunder
play an instrument: keyboard.suck at it.
own an ipod: no
pray: ...depends
go to church: no
sleep with a stuffed animal: doggie 8D
keep a diary/journal: last time
dance in the rain: a little. i usually play or jus go for a walk
sing in the shower: yea

pepsi or coke: pepsi
mac or BK: BK
single or group dates: both
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
strawberry or blueberry: strawberry
meat or veggie: meat
tv or movie: tv
guitar or drums: guitar
adidas or nike: adidas
chinese or mexican: chinese
cheerios or corn flake: corn flakes
cake or pie: cake
mtv or vh1: mtv
blind or deaf: neither
boxers or briefs: underwear [i lol @ lawliet's lacy undies answer]

do splits: used to
write with both hands: can, depends on how well you want it
whistle: nah
blow a bubble: yup
roll your tongue in a circle: yea
cross your eyes: LOL yea
walk with your toes curles: HAHHAHA yesh
touch your tongue to touch your nose: =A=
dance: yea
eat whatever you want and no worry: for a period of time....

you touched: ME 8D
you talked to on the phone: mom. to ask me where m i....
you msned: Zereall
you hugged: ME 8D
you yelled at: Zereall
you play a sport with: ~.~ this is gonna take me down memory lane....dun wan la =.=;;;

time you laughed: lunch time.
time you cried: two days ago
movie you watched: Wall-e
flavour of gum you chewed: this is gonna take me down another memory lane
joke you told: idk
song you sung: remember the time

life on other planets: yea
miracles: yea
magic: yea
love at first sight?: yea
god: me
satan: me
ghosts: me
santa: present 8D
evolution: de-evoltution

on a side note. i m sick


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