edited: forgot about his gory sexy photo 8D

*fangirls* This is when Azhy-hon had red long hair~~~ *WUBS AND GLOMPS HIM* he looks so damn handsome and pretty can T^T *huggles azhrien* hurhur~~~ *bricks self* i sound like a stalker BWAHAHAHAHAHA

we had really lame convos going on.... oh yea. for those who dont know. Azhrien, although a he, he's the wife BWAHAHAHHAHAAH

Azhrien Saffkas - 芭神 says:
please do tell yuuto that mommy is so proud of him~~XDD
Azhrien Saffkas - 芭神 says:
and i miss (making up) bed time stories for him too
[Sochii kAmiyA] .[Yuuto] says:
yesh i will~~as soon as he finishs fuming
Azhrien Saffkas - 芭神 says:
like..about a prince who fell in love to another prince..hahahah
Azhrien Saffkas - 芭神 says:
and they lived happily ever after
Azhrien Saffkas - 芭神 says:
[Sochii kAmiyA] .[Yuuto] says:
oh yesh yesh he loved that story din he?
Azhrien Saffkas - 芭神 says:
yeah he loved it so much he even wanted the king to get involved. LOL
[Sochii kAmiyA].[Yuuto] says:
Azhrien Saffkas - 芭神 says:
and you know..some soldiers...and their.... swords..

[Sochii kAmiyA] .[Yuuto] says:
hahahahaha yes i remember~ah. the old days *gets bricked*

got this from Daderiru's bloggeh 8D

copy to ur own journal
erase my answer n write ur ownone
use the first letter of your name to write ur answer.
they have to be real places name and objects
i am using Sochii

1. Four letter word, Soul
Three letter word, sad
2. Boy name, Sochii
3. Girl name, Suki
4. Occupation, Sadist 8D LAWLS
5. Colour, Silver
6. Something you wear, Silver
7. Beverage, Soda
8. Food, Soda icecream WAHAHHAHAHA *lazy to think*
9. Place, Singapore. lawls. patriotic
10. Something found in bathroom, Sink
11. Reason for being late, Sleepin
12. Something you shout, SAK KI AR!
13. Font, Script MT Bold
14. TV show, ... .... *sweats*
15. Song Title, Scream - Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

lawls.....i phailed one question. anyone wants to try and fill that up??


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