"Major Update"

Chris from KOF
i know i know. MIA. very long. its gonna continue for a little while longer until i get everything settled.

alot of things happened in my life this month. when i say alot i mean alot.

Cyth and azhrien are the happy part and not to mention my happy life with zereall,lawli and aki also.
the sad part? i prefer not to say. so dont ask ppl. yes yes i m such an attention whore XD i jus wanna let you guys know I WAS SAD hah. gawd. i feel like a pimp XDXD

anyway, got a few stuff i wanna say before going on to the other things
Jin: dont worry bout the lunch ^^ i dont even remember
Darryl: sorry i have been so busy that i can take out time for the Darryl and Sochii time.
Azhrien: dont overwork yourself~
Zereall: WAHAHAHAHAHA -loss for words-
Preshie: *pulls your cheeks*
Lawli: *pokes you* random hahaha

ok done. if i think of anymore i will say. notice i never mention Dingo? i dont even know where he is.

anyway. the teaparty for sunday is cancelled =.= gosh. thats like so sian can. ah wel...nvm

i have done quite a bit of stuff these days.
- PP poster 65% done[its gonna be finished TONIGHT]
-all G.Os and Batchings de cost have been sent and tmr sendin out the last amount too.
-peach done.
-TDA booklet intro sent

here are the things i m waiting for and not done
-Sho. NOT DONE. he has been collectin dst at my place. i will do him up a bit this week. if not my procrastination is gettin worse...i feel so bad for Nut >
- Lucien. FUCK CUSTOMHOUSE. they are tellin me he's not comin yet. i really really wan darling Lucien to come before the ballroom meet[29] or yuuto's bdae[26] cos in truth, Lucien is really a bdae gift for yuuto ^^llll
- THE BABAz. gettin pissed with HZ too...they were supposed to be shipped out during oct1st
-punk rave clothes[packed and ready to ship]

i really need a break soon....soon? mayb? MAYBE NEVER. COS I STILL HAVEN GET THE QUOTES FOR MAH COSTUMES. wtfwtfwtfwtf.


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