Married? lol

*coughs* sometimes it makes me regret my actions, cos a agreed to these terms before Azhrien agreed to wear a weddin gown LOL!!! this is my new wife, SUPPA Azhrien

lol...the Suppa family *inside joke* muahahahhaa
anyway~~~i heard that Cyth wore the red glasses for a shoot too!!! *waits patiently for pictures*

[Sochii kAmiyA]Gibberish TIME XD//Homicidal Seme// You werent even there....[Yuuto] says:
oh yea. Azhrien jus got married

Ultima Azure says:
omg serious? how old was he

[Sochii kAmiyA]Gibberish TIME XD//Homicidal Seme// You werent even there....[Yuuto] says:
to me


well. the proposal of mine to Azhy~~~ [disclaimer: convo is from memory so there might be faults LOL]

Azhy: what is this i heard about you gettin married to Morton? *acts jealous*
Sochii: lol
Ahzy: Marry me to *acts spoiled*
Sochii: I rejected him already cause he didnt have a diamond ring
Sochii: 8D Azhrien dear, would you marry me? pretty please *kneels*
Ahzy: uhhh i'll have to ask Cyth

- after some random chat and agreement from Cyth because we are the SUPPAs -

Ahzy: I m not goin to wear a white wedding gown though
SOchii: you dont have to
Ahzy: I wan a tux
Sochii: I could make you wear it by force if i wanted to though
Ahzy: I will wear it if you let me grow a goatee
Sochii: deal 8D [i regretted from here onwards lol. what was i thinkin lol]
Ahzy: armpits?
Sochii: NO. our deal was goatee only
SOchii: you wear the dorky specs if you want

Ahzy: and pimples too?
sochii: NO BRACES
sochii: pimples are fine

Ahzy: armpits. you got me thinkin for my next photoshop
Sochii: oh gawd =A+

and that is how the wonderful photo came around =w=llll i'll come up with some groom photos hahahah!!!
this is the original~

I need my morning drink...something with milk or milk itself...gawd *lays flat on the table*


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