... ...why

fuck it. why was i even envious? maybe this is just as it is. there is nothing call happily ever after....

i jus cant believe everything happened without me knowin....well. now i know it anyway...what were you guys thinking? how did this happen??? ahhhhh fuck it. i dont wanna know anymore

HOMFG. this is the last time i watch thailand based horror series =.= OTLlll
I think i wanna rewatch one miss call series...but...i hum. *sits in a corner*

anyway >.>lll i should seriously cut down on my yaoi load. I have been loading too much and i uploading too much >.>lll i got policefied by kenshin BWAHAHAHAHAHA ah well.
I need holiday *rolls* ok. not much diff. *goes check on costumes and other stuff*


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