ROFL. i cropped away Jin and her epic face XD it was wayyyyyy too wrong 8D

anyway. WE CAN HASH WEBCAM! my webcam is finally working nicely and i can finally connect with Azhrien...*coughs* right. that. anyway~~~~~

here are some screencaps of him 8D his hair is like....longgggggggggggggggggggggggg


In all his cool and nerdy glory, i present teh ~BANANA LORD~ aka Azhrien the not so great [i'll explain later]

and here is him having his little smile~

and his absolute uke look. see~there's a reason why he's my wife.

on to the story =.= right

this reminds me. so we were randomly talkin. and suddenly Azhrien spoke up.

[below convo is an extract from braincells, so live with the inaccuracies]

Azhrien: 0.o we have the same parting 8D
Sochii: we do? - apparently i was lookin at him not at me also[my own window was on another side]-
Azhrien: yes....
Sochii: *still in a blur state* which side of parting is yours?
Azhrien: wait. - at this point of the time he was tryin to diiferentiate left to right-
Sochii: *sees BOTH the webcam windows* OH WE DO HAVE THE SAME SIDE PARTING
Sochii: its right hon, right.

Azhrien: OH THAT right...wait..
Sochii: you cant differentiate left to right either?
Azhrien: yea, which is why i said wait.
Sochii: its right hon, at the right side right?
Azhrien: right...waitt...no...you sure? *points to the parting* uh which is right?
Sochii: your writing hand [i have no idea how i can confirm that he was right-handed at that time.]
Azhrien: *raises up right hand* uh but parting here *points to the thickest part of the hair*
Sochii: thats not the parting. thats the..
Azhrien: oh wait...*realization sinks in*

from that point, both of us cracked into laughter for a full 1 min.

gonna fly an sms later 8D i see cents flying XD and mom nagging *doesnt give a damn*


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