phew. blogger failed me but ctrl+c doesn

god knows how long i have not updated....seriously.

anyway. here are the photos for PBOII

ah well...not much i guess =3=/

and Azh-hon did grell!!! my loveable wife *chugs* too pretty for a guy infact 8d
well, he's curently at a friend's and i bet he's too tired to bring Azhus. ah well =3=/
.... OKAY WAIT. the moment i typed this, he came online. holy....

okay, wait again. he got his ass home. GAH.
*leechs some photos from his blog*

and of course~ his charm doesnt end at his cosplays XDXD

oh....and something interesting happened jus now 8D ... .... i must be the only one who can take pictures while blood is flowing out of my lips like nuts...heck...i even had time to put on my vamp teeth 0.o;;;;

idk what happened...but it jus bleed. ah well XD


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