my current love~ <3 oh and i dont like chocolate either...only white chocolate ._.

with costumes screwed, wigs not here and everything in a mess, and EOY on saturday, I M NOT THE LEAST DISTURBED NOR FRANTIC AT ALL~~~ i mean it ^^/

anymore~~~ *hugs azhrien[and probably stifflin him with it]* well. i m back into my laid back paced [thanks to talkin with Azhrien, i din know that him not rushin his grell cosplay gave me the laid back feelin again~] with everything rushing and starting to drown me. 8D i decided not to put up with a struggle anymore~~~<3>

anyway, happy bdae Zereall-nii. this probably marks your...ehm.....mayb half year of serving me? AH HAR 8D

*strolls off for some food* OH YEA~ i nearly forgot. i have bird's nest in the fridge >3 *shuffles off happily*


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