*soul out*

one TDA photo for the kids. they look so compatible...but god knows why they fight so often.


i m desperate for money le.

i would like to say a few words. below said thigs are RUSHING you people to pay me because I HAVE NO CHOICE. my mom is going to kill me soon >.>ll

AH KAI AR~ >>> you say transfer 150 to me. up till now not even the first 20? can at least give 129 and even out to 300 8D pretty please?

preshie >>> i realise i have no cash to loan you...i already minus my 45 from your 150 already, the bil here is settled and the clothes are here le...think you sell at blog shop? the long wig i still haven recieve anything, could you jus give me the 45? i also need to pass you your friend de short black wig. and the Lenalee costume i paid you de, still in Msia is it? i'll need the money to pay for the NEW costume overseas.

As for your costume, no worries. If ryu pays you, we go buy cloth and i make for you. i got experience liao XDXD *lvl up* and your wig i also manage to dig out money and pay for you le

Jin >> i know you cannot wear the costume, but bo bian, is also not i make one. i really need my 65 back le.

Ryu >>> @#%@$# END OF THE YEAR LIAO. when you going to pay me?! i think you owe me at least 80plus.

zereall >> your wig. $35

xuan xuan >>> your wig and costume. i know is i haven collect so i never write here.

I have at least SGD$700 +++ floating outside. MY BANK CANNOT TAHAN LIAO. OTL

onegai. pls return me. T^T


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