To those who haven caught sight of the new boy yet at Yuuto's blog....

This is Ciel de Rehauste. Andelia's son, my kiddo's boyfriend.

jus a small explanation. [i dont care if your eyes go blind reading]

Sochii and Andelia is like two sides of a coins. They have different preference and are of different races with dominating sides.

Sochii Kamiya has his son, Yuuto Kamiya
Andelia de Rehauste has a son, Ciel de Rehauste

--- The history ---

Sochii Kamiya and Andelia Rehauste are both born on the same day. Sochii taking after his father's surname, and Andelia who takes after his mother's surname. Sochii is the humanvampire and Andelia is the vampirehuman. Like two sides of a coin, they are interlinked. Sochii spends his time at home, while Andelia spends his time roaming around the world. Sochii is a workaholic and Andelia is a flirting ego on crack

When the children are born, the wives died. Yuuto is spunky in nature while Ciel is timid. Total opposites from their fathers. Its was rumored that the boys are switched at birth...was that even possible? It will never be revealed as both parents deny of the switch and strongly believed that that is their own sons. Then again, it doesnt really matter, as the two kids join their destiny together, is it going to be peaceful or is it going to be a whirl? no one knows and let the story unravel from the point where the boys meet once again.

The story of the untold.
- Sochii Kamiya [23/12/08]


blah. i m overstressed...i need more sleep. and some people always cant take hints. its kinda annoying...was going to ratn ever since i was in cls, but i gave up and typed a little write up on the two idiots.

i need food.


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