back from Msia

~~~ My dango pile from sakura ~~~~ but half was edible ;A; some of them were too...hard for consumption *cries* lousy sakura.

i swear i m growing fat ._. buffet and alot of food with my cousin's family. HORROR HORROR HORROR at my growin fats. *going on diet*

anyway. today i went on some msia shoppin trip. lol at all events.

oh. azhrien jus fell azhleep XDXD *random*

uh yea. back to topic. so we went to holiday inn...and went for stuff...lunch and whatnot. and mom's epic kuey baru reminder struck us all. aka me, my cousin and her parents. LAWLS. details i shall not go on. cos my shoulder feels dislocative.

anyhow. here are the tops i have bought. we spent more time at holiday inn shoppin for WILSON instead for us. lawls. but we started real shoppin at city square.

hahaha. this one. me and fiona. we got grey[me],black[her] and purple[SUPPOSEDLY her brother]. we hope he wears it with us on teh first day of CNY 8D wuahahahaha

and den. bought this shirt at city square 8D fiona got the white version 8D wahahaaaha~~~~ L looks so damn cute! *melts*

and....i m evil 8D hah. WATERMARK~~~~

oh. here is where 100bucks went.

my mom wanted a something for NEW YEAR. so yea ._. therefore the GLP white top. gah. but i kinda like it 8D *snuggles with the armwarmers* there.satisfied sochii~

and as usual. what i like is not what my mom like.....i actually wanted to get white base and black, but my aunt insisted that black base and red looks better...i thought so too...but my mom...>.>ll you know. even if she is not within 50km, i m still in dilema as what to choose. in the end i bought it, with persistent of my aunt BWAHAHAHAHA~~~

ah well 8D at least i m in the save sone WAHAHAHHAHA~~~~okeh. i have one full day tmr to correct Rene's faceup, clean Sho's bodeh and do the base, and clean yuuto's faceup.

i jus learn that esteph went to change the faceup i gave Ivie too OTLlll guess i m really not good enough for people to keep em. *cries over rene's head* ah. shucks. *shrugs*


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