WhAT IS YUNHO DARLING DOIN!!! homg homg homg XD kidding.

anyway. i just need to post this 8D

sochii_yuuto: we are talkin bout cosin toradora
sochii_yuuto: dont be jealous hon~~~<3
Lord Banana: awwwr i knuuu...coz we're the only ones on WHOLE UNIVERSE, Lord Banana: who know Lau is actually UNDERTAKER
sochii_yuuto: AWWWWW HON~~~~ *hugs*
Lord Banana: >chuggle<>
sochii_yuuto: AWWWWW we are a sweet couple~~~*hugs*
Lord Banana: bwahahahah we shall be the strongest couple in the whooooole world... bwahahahah..
Lord Banana: we shall have man slaves, on gstrings and maidens lined up.. bwahahahahha

well =.= he sort of spoilt the conver halfway through.


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