cosplay taggies from Azhrien hon

THERE IS NO WAI I AM GONNA PUT MY FIRST COSPLAY PICTURE HERE!!! but i redid the chara anyway, and i really wanna redo again =.=lll


01. Post the rules

02. Answer each question truthfully

03. Tag 3-5 people at the end [fuck this rule lol]


01. What was your first cosplay?

- Kira from Gundam Seed

02. Did someone get you into cosplay? Or on your own?

- was on my own =.=/

03. What is your favourite cosplay
- I dont know >.>llll probably Ludwig i guess

04. Which is your least favourite?

- has to be Kei from rust blaster. i was so fed up with the wig that was screwed up. and on top of that i din sleep the night before. SUPA cranky i'd say.

5. At conventions, do people compliment you on your cosplays?

- uhhh if they could even find/regconize me/m character.... dardar even came up with a sacarstic comment: I dont even know what you are doing, dont even know whether you accurate or not...dont want take your picture luh.
so yea >.>lll i smacked him on the spot.

6. How many have you done?

- probably 6? i dont know >.>lll counting borrowed costume...should be 7...

7. What are the top 5 on your list of "Want to Cosplay"?

- Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, WITH AZHRIEN. without him, i dont even wanna do this anymore >.>
- Volbeat from pokemon ginjiki, WTF a decision to regret about XD
- Ranmaru from Perfect girl evolution/My fair lady, 8D
- Agito from air gear [i wonder why this urge hasnt died after 2 years =.=], I have always love this shithead.
- Another costume of ludwig...he's type 8D

8. (Girls only) What female cosplay do you want to do most?

Azhrien: - I can still be a girl, right? Female cosplay? my friends are trying to get me to cosplay.............. toooot's tooooot version. OTL But if they'd make the dress for me, I guess I have not much reason to decline LOL [HEY! YOU OWE ME A FEME COS]

Me: - honestly? i have always wanted to do the final blue dress version of the female lead in Paradise kiss OTLlll

9. What male cosplay do you want to do most?

- is this some kind of trick question?

10. What do you prefer to do, make or buy your costumes?

- make duh. save my money =.= *surrently jobless*
but i m VERY lazy tooooo =.= so i buy AND make =.=lll

11. Your most memorable experience? What makes it so memorable?

- EOY07 souseiseki? I got hoarded for the first time...and it was also very intimidating for me =.=;;;; when TALL people asks me for photographs. 180 VS 164. i was squeaky.

12. Your dream cosplay?

- DANTE FROM DEVIL MAY CRY 3 PLOX!!!!! i wanna be so damn man and handsome that...that...i pwn even the manliest 8D

13. Is there a pattern in your cosplays? If so, what?

- whut pattern are we talkin about? uhhhh...wait...kira[emo],sousei[expressionless],kira[emo],kazuki[cheerful],ayame[narcissistic],akira[cheerful],kei[emo],ludwig[narcissistic]
okay.....uh....emo,cheerful narcissitic, emo cheerful...wait. that isnt really a pattern =.=llll
oh fuck. i realise only ludwig is the seme one 0.o and akira is a SMALL/SHORT seme ._. wtfwtfwtfwtf. *glares at Azhrien* stop laughin =A=lll

14. Your most recent cosplay?

- Ludwig from ludwig kakumei[final costume]

15. What do you prefer? Cosplaying in a group or on your own?

- Partner. you get confidence with your partner being around and its easy to find in a crowd. groups are jus...way too big, that you get left out easily ;A;
I always have good partners who cover me up. *gets tired easily during cosplaying*


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