first, i'll like to start with "facepalm.jpg" some people can be so really epic ya?

anyway. yesterday, while feeling down, i went across blogger and linked around. Found a few of my friends which I have not talked to for a pretty long time. like suping and huimin. *shrugs* at least everyone is still them i guess.

This also brings back memories of me and huimin during primary school. we used to stay in school till 6pm with another friend serene, and sing our heads off XD we even sang in the library. hahaha. klutz. those days wont come back though . hah. its like...so many years back already. 6? hahah it doesnt look much but 6 yrs is long 8D

anyway. back to my illness. I had problems with breathing during wee hours today...i think around 4-5am. i was so annoyed cos i couldnt sleep properly =.= when i finally got to breathe, it was around 5.45-6am already. i was so darn tired ;A;
This morning, again, around 11am. I woke up officially and went to sneeze =.= BRAIN MATTER FOR THE WIN. seriously. mucus looks like brain matter 8D *been readin too much tokko:devil's awaken*

anyway. gonna go sign up for btt later 8D homg luh. so long never study for tests le...i think almost 3 years liao =.=llll thanks ar RP. BLEARGH.


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