This was found at the NEW comics connection at jurong. seriously retard. i remember they removed this stupid statue about...say...1-2 years ago? and now they enlarged the place, and this shit is back. WORST kind of statue i think. see how he points? hahahah its actually TWO fingers, but in this picture it looks like a middle finger. I still remember what one of my friend commented. he said that it was darn funny for the people living opposite.

My friend: you know ar. when the people livin at those floor over there wake up right, they will be damn sian.
me: 0.o why leh?
My friend: you see that statue. every morning those people wake up, first thing they look out of window, they see him sayin fuck you.
me: WTF LAWLS!!!


okay. so totally random.

anyway. ytd went for the vampire shoot. reached home around 11+. *feelin darn tired now*
I am stil waiting for photos though..and i feel like sleepin =.=zzzzzz

lol i jus realise my hair darn long 0.o;; ahahah i saw kaname at 3am in the morning. two days before the shoot LOL!

some camwhore pictures 8D [with lawliet again LOL]
HAHAHA FLASH! i look so wtf ghastly

after that, i took it off, cos my eyes had to breath already XD
but. i tried on my fav jacket[cos i was cold] and played with the hat. Lawliet changed a WHOLE set of loli lol.

lawliet [with my specs =.=]

I swear i dont look like me =.= and my eyebrows are a lie. they are actually real and not VK like at all. its all bout flash and angle i think =.=;;;;

i like the flash effect in this photo. see the rims?

failed attempt

and finally. one photo which doesnt look like me


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