I seriously dont get it. who are really your friends and who are really not?

Thos who you think were your friends, who smiled at you, who are biased to you. Arent they your friends? What happens when they TURN against you?

Today, i heard something that i dont want to hear for my whole entire life. i believe that it was my problem, i thought that it was my mistake, until i heard something from someone very dear to me. I hated it. but its true.

No matter how we have quarreled, went at war at each other. I always thought that we were like awesome friends. You turned against me, time and time again.
I thought friends are suppose to side each other. OH SURE. there are times where i was wrong and so i dont blame it.
I did not really wanna blog about it, but not. i gave up. i gave up on you already. you are no longer a close friend. I have cried you away, and I dont wished to keep those tears anymore.


Hahaha. this might be old. but my mom always asked me to pick the right friends. ALWAYS PICK the right friends, because right friends wont throw you aside when you need them. I know who are they now.

People reading this might think that i am superficial, i m a crybaby, i m selfish or whatsoever. I dont care.

True friends are those who side me when I need them. They tell me when I am wrong. They will never attack in any form of words that will cause me to cry. We quarrel and we will make up and they will still stand by me. They will company when i need them. I dont need friends who are not by my side, and never will need.

to all those who still want to remain as my friend, you treat me well, and i will treat in the same way.

I always wished to overlook the little details but sometimes, they become too big to ignore. Maybe one day I will end up with no friends, i will end up alone, I am already prepared for that. For now, i know who are my true pals. Thanks guys.


I am not drunk or overwhelmed when i type this. i m absolutely clear about what i was thinkin and coughin at the same time of course. This was the final realisation which took me so many years to realize. All is lost.


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