Little review

okay. Like. I just got my new costalscents palette and brushes....well...not really top-notch stuff. but will do for now ^^

lawls. love the brushes XD. actually, i only wanted the eyeshadow brush, but the aunty side got better of me....7.90 travel set[leo print] VS 5.90 brush. lawls. XD in the end, the feel is not much diff between both brushes 0.olll equally nice? either that, or i m dumb XDXD

OKEH~ here is the colour set. so many ppl keep giving good reviews. PLS LUH. got bad things can say one can?

edited: quote from giselle" use eyeshadow wet" lawls. ya. use it wet or you cant really see shit.

i was annoyed. and i still am. i expected all the shadow[the small circle ones, except gold and bronze] to be matte. when i say matte. i mean MATTE. not even the tiniest bit of shimmer. that got me pissed. very pissed. i dont wanna hear bout shimmer makes some colours nicer shit, i wan matte. and i mean it. call me unreasonable, but i mean it.

green was the most shimmeriest, followed by purple den oranges den some blue. I dont mind bronze being shimmery, but wtf. green shimmers. and i noticed dark purple shadow was in place of the dark blue one 0.o WAI? WAI SO? WAI?

OH OH AND THOSE WHO WANTS SOLID RED AWESOME SHADOW, NEVER i mean it. NEVER buy this plate. the red is a lie. it comes out orangey somewhat =.= hate it hate it hate it. sasa pwns it. lawls. XD *gets clobbered to death for the lousy comparison*

so lets go on to the good points.

homg. like. pretty colours can? the pinks are like silky girl pinks but gives off a cuter air, i cant wait to use it on kids >w
the lightest pink makes me feel like using it on that little small girl during PBO 8D i did a very light pink makeup for her before and she looks damn cute can =w=b pictures are in my porte.

i like the highlighters too, nice range of colours and the shadow is also a good range, so probably a good palette for starters like me, but not for pros like brybry XDXD but he into to me, LOL.

OH! and i dont like the cover. its easy to see your fingerprints! gonna do something about it soon =.= grrrrr....

but anyway. i think its worth the money. i got it instock, so it was 29bucks. thanks to Zereall-nii who collected it for me XD


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