No kidding!

hahaha i m talkin bout this picture.

like some of you know. i had snapped my specs. hahah finally. after so many years. since sec2 i think? amazing. i m like poly year three now. so i have new specs now, but it doesnt look very different. cost me bout $95[discount inclusive] to get one pair though. $65 frame. i got poked to death for that.

anyhow. i m talkin about the picture. VERSACE!! hahahahah i was laughin like shit when i saw this at the specs shop. NO KIDDING. okay. people who watched kamikaze will get it though. hahahah VERSACE!!! ver***ce 8D simply amazing. it existed in specs form! when i m rich, i m gonna get a versace. jus for the heck of laughin at it XD

anyway. esque is missing and azh-hon is in a huge temper ;A; oh. esque is hon's dslr btw....

I have been watching junjou for the past few days. AND LAWLIET WTF CAN? ZERO'S HAIR =/= USAGI'S HAIR. gawd =.= to think you watch junjou more den....zzzz....photoshop for teh winz \=w=/
hiroki should jus give up nowaki to me. =.=/

ok. i have new specs. and i m like. very happy. i feel so. ah ha.
ok. back to thinkin how i should make the gun =.=;;;;


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