~.~ right.


anyway. i wanna start off this blogpost with a =.=;;;
i dont know whether to be happy or sad. Apparently i m happy cos people BOTHERED to read my posts, i m sad cos people ALWAYS misunderstand me =.=

remember my post regarding friends? i blog-surfed a little and found more den 3-4 people containin the same kind of contents on the same topic. this is what happen when you dont mention names. they think them it was them who are mentioned in the posts =.= come on guys. i m not referring to you ppl. the people who i aim the posts usually DONT have blogs =.=/ why do you think they are here in the first place. lawls.
i dont know whether its drama or sensitive. blah. >.>

anyway. YOSHINOYA SUCKS. me and presh...went yoshinoya to eat after we finished buying cloth to make cinderella's ball gown. and WTF LULZ. we went to eat the 19.90 valentines meal. and WTF YO! the only edible thing is the salmon i had on top of my rice, her teriyaki chicken, 2 bowls of miso and the mochis =.=/ oh. accompanied by the awesome supa sour lime juice. thanks ar. we should have went to eat pasta mania when we stopped infront of it =A=

nvm. tmr's the shoot. i gave up =.= i only got enough paint for half of the wig. LAWLS. forget it. and den the ribbon will be comin tmr.....and. oh. my neck accessories =.= *shuffles off to do it*


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