for lulz. me and tasuki at vamp shoot. i look more like a freaking vamp slayer den a vamp =.= maybe i should change jobs

anyway. fever hit me yesterday morning. i knew i was sick ._. VERY sick. and thus i rejected going out to my grandpa's. so...11am came, and i sat up in my bed, totally at lost of what to do OTL.

So my parents came back and was very noisy ._. and they wanted to go Benten cafe. being as nice as i could, i went with them of course ._. they were very happy with the food ther. thick cheese, slow melting icecream XD.

after that we went to my grandpa's new house[no one living there yet] and i offered to clean the floor since i promised first...well...hahaha. ^^lll from that point on. my fever shot up. 39degrees at least. bo bian[hokkien slang for cannot help it]. finished cleaning the floor in the living room, sank down and slpt till we went home. i slept my whole night away from 3pm. woke up at tv for a while and slept again till 11today.

good things about being sick. Free weight losing session, cause you dont have appetite. more sleep, my dark eye circles are melting away. awesome.

but i need to get well before sat for the shoot OTL jiayou sochii.

oh something very gross on the other hand on my illness 8D MUCUS. hahahaha today i sneezed out something incredible.
it came out in a weird form that no one would have thought that this was from my nose 8D
its this mucus on a thin flim of dried up mucus and there is hints of blood everywhere on the mucus 8D WOOTZ. and its as big as the first section of a THUMB. HAH. beat that XD

*shuffles off for medicine*


i cant go out to post stuff, cos i m unstable ;A; i m sorry to mekiwates and FIERA and kurei. i'll try to get them out of this house by tmr ;A;

i wanted to paint shizuka this mornin since i decided i was sick and couldnt do anythingelse anyway....but i picked up the brush and saw my hand shaking horribly...for the first time of my whole sickening life...i was so horrified. i have never seen my hand shake like that. i walled up in my room and cried like shit for the first time. what if i can never do faceups again? i still wanna redo yuuto and ciel ;A; i still wanna draw tattoos for them....will this affect makeup too? i dont know...i feel so rubbish now ._.llll


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