ugh ugh...

i m seriously bored to tears without a job ;A;

Scarves batchin here:

yuuto and ciel's trip to the beach here:


so i went out at 10.30 this mornin. hopin to get my MSC and stuff to do faceup commish =.= cos yuuto conveniently used up my last can as sunblock before the outing.


nic pang seh me =.= and woke up at 2pm.

i went to play daiko since i couldnt contact him. 11.30am at the arcade is phenomenal. NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO YOU 8D i was like. WOOTZ even if i missed it wont be embarassing 8D so i played. but surprisingly. no misses.

played 6 songs.all sittin down 0.o;;; [i was that sian]
剑魂II - hard mode *x7
kagekiyo - hard mode [WOOTZ!!! FINALLY PASSED] *x6
情书2000 - normal *x6

these are the only songs i remember the name.

the other three were
the anime song jon likes - normal mode[full combo] *x4?
the third song at the left end of NAMCO songs - normal mode [full combo] *x6?
and one more i forgot ...

so yea.... that ended my taiko for the day and i got one sall blister YAY but its healin alreadeh >3


after that i went off to the library. decided to wait for a while more. so i took around 20 books? of 天界21[Celestial Zone 21] and kept reading till 1+ i think ~.~ den i got cold and went off home....ok. to the KFC near my home for lunch.

Ordered my usual cheezemeltz, sat there readin the last 4 books i had 25,27,28,29..i swear NLB really sucks. this series is already up till 35 i think. I found a new comic store at the CC 8D spent an hour or so there to read 2 books of ouran high. 12 and 13.

and den i shuffled to watsons, looked around and got new copper eyeliner. lol. *extra - gets kicked* i think i will use it soon though. maybe during kurobara...better test it out a little at home. i should have spent the money on makeup removal wipes though =.=;;; shit. lol.


i m quite low on funds now...OTL i think i m even dealing with negatives ;A;


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