Orochimaru!!!!! hahahaha just kidding you got...... Itachi!!!
You: Number 2?? *Itachi gets up*
You: the older Uchiha huh? (your thoughts... not bad..couldve done worse)
Itachi:... (his thoughts: hmmmmm... not bad...wait till little brother sees.)

you follow him into the closet... the door shuts and... He pins you to the wall and he starts kissing your lips licking your bottom lips wanting entrance, which you granted and he shoves his tongue down your throat into a rough but passionate kiss. just your style, he stops frenching you and starts kissing down your neck onto your chest and starts unbuttoning your shirt with his mouth and you start unzipping his pants.

he unhooks your bra and slips off your skirt and undies you slid off his shirt and his boxers and he got on top off you on the floor and you two do the nasty (wink-wink). Then all of the sudden while you and him were putting all your clothes back on, someone starts knocking on the door! (man you two did it in just 7 min!! man you too are talented) you both walk out and he goes outside and you follow!

The next day: You were training...and Itachi comes up to you and says... Itachi: Your a really good ninja would you like to join me in the Akatsuki? You: Serioulsy?? Am I that good? Itachi: yeah You: well.... i havent got anything else to do so.....sure i would love too!!!


HAHAHHAHHA i laughed like shit. SEVEN MINUTES!!! i did it with itachi in SEVEN MINUTES. gawd. itachi, i love you =33333=/ but next time lets take our time =///= YOU ANGSTY LOVER~ i love you more den i love shikamaru =3=/ ... .... .... ok. i love gaara more ;A; GAARA I RABU YOU WITH ALL MY HEART~~~

this is when you get too bored at start playin 7 mins in heaven. LOL.


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