Gibberish for the day =w=b


anyway. last night. someone said something...well...i m thinkin it was by mistake/or a spur of a moment, but it made me very happy. but knowing this certain person very well, it will either never happen again or i do not know this person well enough. I am not going to say who, what that person say or what topic we were on. but. i have to admit. i was really happy there, for a while. until there was something about cannibals not wearing bras...or something like that >.>llll

that person wont appreciate it alot if i post our conver XD probably murder me in the process of not being appreciative XD

ANYHOW. today was suppose to go out with xuan and preshie. in the end on went out with preshie. cos xuan last min sick =w=lll nice timing. me and preshie karaoke from 11-6, 7 hours? my voice is tardy, throat aching slightly, and brain fused from choosin stupid songs. we werent as high as the last session though, and it was too cold =.=llll

after that i had dinner at preshie's and head home. when i reach home, the first person i see in my room is yuuto AWWWWW and he had that, YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS FACE.
DARLING~ it was only 8~~~<3 *cuddles* i think he's gettin attachy cos he is always by my side these days XD and ciel..well..i kinda kept him ._.lll i dont know why. he doesnt look interested in being outside...he's like.....hibernating ._.lll

anyhow, i need to meet alot of deadlines. i better get to work.


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