Long post.

TEH LORD OF MIGHTY FLASH XD LOL!!! such narcissism *shakes head* hahaha *gets bricked to death

I dont like being taken for granted. I am very ego. I am very annoyed now. thanks alot.

anyway. went on a date with princess preshie again yesterday~ hahahah take two bored people and thats what you get.

We started the night before, choosing clothes and stuff. Preshie claimed that I was behaving like Heechul =w=lll hahah. no lor. i never specify until so much lor...
one famous quote from Preshie that night.
" Just dont look like a singaporean!" i rofled.

then the next day came, I went out slightly earlier to get contacts. That guy was damn nice, gave me a $6 discount 8D this is what happens when you get familiar with shop keepers BWAHAHAHHA so i got grey and purple. wore one on each side for the fun of it.

After that I went to get a present for preshie. well. its a date right? so dates should start with a nice surprise. I was thinkin of roses, den i went past this bear shop, so i popped in. The girl was nice and all, and asked if i was choosin a gift for my girlfriend. well...i m supposedly called sir evn though i was short yesterday *wasnt wearing platforms or whatever* hahaha. singapore boys are short i see 8D

picked up a pink bear and headed straight to our meeting station. Well. the bus did not help her. it did not come for over 15 mins....perhaps even more. So she cabbed down and picked me up at jurong east station and we headed down to suntec. We passed by a cab with the jolly shandy picture and started arguing about what colour was lychee. she insisted what red + white = pink and thus the bear was named lychee bear. better den her pink huggies something.....well. *gets kicked by preshie*

We went to eat first. Had mos burger. After that we head on to the IT fair and visited zereall. He joined us and we went off to the bodyshop convention, things were going cheap there so we bought a few stuff. Zereall left us a little early to get back to work. The convention was CRAZY. People were like pouring over the makeup area. jesus.
After that we went back and visited Zereall, we were actually going to say goodbye, but we ended up standing there deciding if we should get ipods. In the end, no. Preshie has too many mp3/4 that she doesnt even use.

We went to jurong point and caught a movie together. Before that we went to the arcade a little cos the show starts late. We watched race to the witch mountain, it was awesome 8D hahaha and the supposedly assasin killer alien turned out to be rather useful to the good guys when fighting with the bad guys 8D

We went to billy bombers after that to grab a drink, cause both of us aint hungry at all. After that as usual, she cabbed home and dropped me off along the way. ^^

typical date for a day. HAHAHAHAHHA!

Pictures at billy bombers cos the puripuri machine was down.
repetitive failed shots HAHAHAHHA

Lychee bear
and cos i bullied lychee bear the whole day

After I got home [i was the first one to be home btw way, followed by my parents den my brother], my mom had this huge stock of prawns and lobsters =w=/ i took some funneh pictures XD


size of it

Prawns have red legs 8D

omakes... *click for full view*


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