OTL lawls lawls

ROFL. my food at Coffee club. something happen there very funny....hahah XD i shall say later.

anyway...last night hikaru asked me out so i went luh. nothing better to do, den tmr btt need to relax abit. Reach there and he was drummin. lol. after that went on and met Chika. hahaha she is very nice 8D

Went off to art friends and got hikaru's materials for his reno rod. ROFL. damn epic. everything have to ask, and he CANNOT recognised sand paper =w=/ nvm. after that was head down to fareast to get Chika's extensions done. now she has CHIO HAIR hahaha XD the purple with plantinum blond came out extremely nice, hikaru is tempted to go put also ROFL. After that Chika keep flicking her CHIO HAIR at hikaru XD so funny.

den... *fast forward* we went to coffee club, and started bitchin. ROFL. den somehow the convo ended up on contact lens and den i was lookin at hikaru's contacts...well...look at contacts mean look at eyes mah. den chika say we can do yaoi cosplay cos got feel there, me and hikaru keep laughin la cos really damn funny. hahahaha inside joke XD cos i also asked him to do before ROFL. den chika tried to take a picture, but i feel like laughin so it looks like we are killing each other liao XD

fast forward somemore, we went to meet timberwolf...uh. if that is his nick. super nice guy 8D hahaha damn cute. he was like LETS GO EAT ICECREAM after he finished his dinner, budden hikaru had to go, so i took a ride in his parents car. ;A; no offence...but...HIS PARENTS ARE SCARY ;A; i was like...*coughs* ok....*sweats* SIAN!

anyway tmr BTT!!!! homg homg. the online test I FAIL SIA. i hope tmr can pass. if not....confirm tio gan by my mom....scared....;A; PAITING SOCHII!!! PAITING PRESHIE!!! PAITING ENQI!!!!

oh. on a side note. i jus saw the copy of my story le *happy* thanks aunty kat =33333=/ and akimme for posting it online also. XD


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