this was found on my poupee friend list. 4 people wearing the same fucking gift cardigan =.= wtf lawls =3=/

anyhow~i have finally posted the shots for Ludwig Kakumei shoot -PARODY VERSION-
in total. me and lawliet switched roles. LOL!

link here

one teaser photo [click for full view]

so...alot of plans coming up and i m not making an effort AT ALL =.=;;; zzzz
what are my upcoming stuff...lets see...

VK - zero [somewhere in april]
PGE - ranmaru [unconfirmed date?]
junjou - akihiko(usagi)/ Nowaki [probably may]
ludwig - ludwig [cosfest]
KOF - chris [cosfest]
S.p - sono [asking]
Akazhukin chacha - riiya [not started/streetfest]
kuroshitsuji - sebastian [not started/IDK]
toradora - ryuuji [IDK]
pokemon - Volbest [IDK already]
digimon - yamato [2010]

I am actually quite unmotivated to cos anything right now. looks at all my unfinished works scattered around the floor.
I need the jumpy clay to do the gun asap....>.>llll

I need a life...*goes off and takes pictures for sales thread*


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