One picture for cutepetz from my CGA folder again XD

so sweet <3>

went out with ah gong last night, looked for his jazz CD, ate at newyork newyork, went bowling. here's the results ROFLED.
S is me, Z is ahgong. reason why he had scores at the end of the board is cause I TAUGHT HIM HOW TO SCORE. rofl.

after that i reached home, chat with hikaru den went to sleep. woke up this morning, chat with hikaru again. den after that went out. got very pissed, went home...

dont even want to talk bout it anymore =.=

I miss hon.

anyway. pictures on blogger since my photobucket is spasming. I wore this last night. WOOTZ! i wanted this style of clothes for VERY VERY VERY LONG. i sew the black top by myself. but i lazy. shall go tailor another few more like that XD maybe with armwarmers and some other stuff XD


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