short update

remember the sasuke i post a long time ago? this is the full vesion with itachi. kao. i wan do the sasuke...but the tattoo is 0.o;;; i need at least 5-8 hours to finish i think...zzzzz

anyway. short update before i leave for kurobara.
yesterday went to take my btt with preshie and enqiqi and WE ALL FAILED hahah and even more ironically, we saw alot of people who were at the same test rebooking the test with us ROFL. SDC ar =.= why th test so hard...zzzzzz or rather, you guys should tell us which question right or wrong so we can go study and get better next test.

anyway, after that, we went to pick up hikaru at the station. went to do eyebrows trimmin. before that we went for MACs breakfast. hahaha haven had that since school went on hols. hahah cos i dont wake up early enough to buy it. so we went there, waited for the person to come. den me and enqi did our brows, sadly they dont do guys, so hikaru got sent off to the cheena place to get his brows done. too bad i wasnt there, cos he cried and precious got to see it ROFL hahah baby. XD

After that he went to the wrong bus stop while me, enqiqi and preshie headed to enqiqi's house to do my nails which i destroyed on the taxi lol. and by the 90cents top coat LAWLS nut picked us up in cabbie and we went causeway and waited for jing to come and go pierce her ears. rofl. *fastforward*

after that i went over to preshie's to have dinner. hahah DINNER was preshie's hardwork of waiting till 12am for the special sales XD of wantons~ XD and anyway anyway. we watched DBSK shows and chatted till 10 plus before i got home to report on how i fail. ROFL! i realise ITS TIME~! *rushes to go prepare*

so much for a SHORT update =.= pfffttt


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