silence? not anymore

I ARE WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS! zzzzz which means. the one next to me muz be a guy. *pokes at chest* dammit.

I realise i speak alot without thinkin nowadays...

i feel very annoyed for no reason. my whole body aches from nothing. sometimes, in the morning, i cant even bring myself to sit up. i'll just lie and look at yuuto who is sleeping soundly beside me.

This hols have really got me thinking. What I have been doing, what will i be doing. and etc etc...
sometimes i wonder about my attitude, my goals and my everything.

its rather silly. sometimes i look at yuuto peacefully sleeping. well. from that angle it does look like he is. tears start flowing.

but anyhow. this is jus random sentiments at 10+pm at night. back to watching VCD. jesus. lord >.> *shrugs*


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