somemore pickatures from Kurobara

me and deo at Kurobara.

hahahah he was like *tip toe tip toe* cos he wanted to be taller den me. i mean. COMEON hahaha he IS taller den me. Just that i was wearin my 15cm boots =w=lll hahaha sorry deo *big hugs*

next up is me and ferlyn. ANOTHER HYPER KID! she was like. HOMG SOCHII I AM WITCH_CAT! i was like 0.o;; i know i know! hahahah i think she thought that i din recognise her ROFL XD i cant wait for our photoshoot. XD my pretty yuuki cross

BROTHER REIYU~ hahahah very long never see her liao. still as shuai as ever XD

yesterday, i had a last min release so WOOTZ! head down to precious's place and bake cupcake. Called nut but she wouldnt pick up =.=lll so zereall came along too 8D WHEEE~ and first mistake made =.= WRONG CAKEMIX. wtf. so in the end results was FAIL. we have decided the next time we do it, we are going to do it the usual way. BUTTER, FLOUR , SUGARRRRRRRRR pffttt cake mix are the most unreliable shit. lol. *from all my baking days*

After that the three of us headed to yishun and watch Detroid Metal City. WTF MAN. the people sitting us were like bitches =.= DAMN NOISY and throw tissue[lucky not we kanna]
So anyway it was awesome HAHAHAHAH i like that gay bassist XD but krauser was also nice luh. the drummer can go die XD SATSUGAIIIIIIII wootz! so yea. this is a picture taken while the credits were rolling XD DMC'S logo.


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