YAY i r Hidan


anyway...nothing much happened today...okay.

I read a 20 webpage uncompleted incest story of two brothers...its under work, no fuckin or what-soever yet.

next i went through a flickr with 200 naru series pictures.

I basically wasted my entire day infront of the computer =.= starting from 12pm....oh wait. i did something constructive. I finished writing the last chapter of my story for kurobara. yay *sacarsm* *rolls eyes*

oh. on another note. Some people should fucking look in their fucking mirror before they fucking comment on other people's hairstyle. fuck off seriously =.= not saying it in a public forum already makes me a saint to you as a friend. Dont fucking make me label you as a fucking idiot on my list.

yay. i m like hidan XD we both fucking like the fucking word and we fucking say it every fucking time jus to fucking annoy the fuck of fuckin people[fucking people? OKAY THAT WAS WRONG!].

*goes back to surfing*


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