Tears really fell when i read this page...sora and kilik, look at their smiles...THEY WERE SUCH GOOD BUDDIES...they even had the same tattoo splitted and tattooed behind them...why are they against each other now? its all because of the corporation which developed them...I would seriously get another guy to cosplay this shot with me if not for the fact that I cant do it without something coverin my front... =.=;;;

I seriously hated this kind of stories...where friends are pitted against one another because of a outer force...


enough of the sentiments on Air gear. HOMG LUH. I have one year worth of posts already XD finally XDXD lol *gets bricked* anyway~~~

Yesterday was awesome. hahahaha went to Jin's house for steamboat. met new people like Cally, Tim and Woman...okay luh. LiJie.
Cally is like...precious's league kinda girl.
Tim is rather an awesome guy
Woman is like... erm... i dunno whether to praise him or to suan him here =.=;;;

Anyway, Yinkwan was there too.

You know. during secondary school days when we had steamboat with everyone, I was ALWAYS the first one to stop eating. but yesterday I was the last one to finish =A=lll hahahah i was like. "I want food...女人!cook for me!" hahahahaha paiseh huh Woman, thanks for the meal of sausages 8D *lazy sochii kenna bricked* and jin also cooked one bowl of egg tofu for me XD. I was rather intrigued by the fish so i was cookin the fis for preshie and Jin also.

After that we lazed around and chatted till 11 plus den went home 8D hahahah XD alot of funny things luh, but too much to be said here 8d


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