oh. here is another picture from the set that i drew before i left singapore 8Dlll

anyway. first thing first. i m NEVER ever gonna step into a haunted house again. it is not good for both my heart AND my body. and for anyone who steps into it with me. i left three scratches on jon's hand..and lucky i did not leave any on preshie's =.=lll i would be so guilty if i did...i mean. jon's a guy...preshie a girl.so yea.
and i got a slightly burn from friction on my ring finger on the right too -,- jesus christ.

will update again when i m less flu-ish

anyway. jus one picture for those who missed my sickening face 8D *gets bricked to death* the rest are with jon. i m hopin to get them soon though =.= cos i like my own sickening face WOOHOO~


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