@_@ idk what I am doing

HAHAHAHHA this is seriously the funniest look i ever seen. but this the old DBSK, they are much better nao 8D

anyway =.= this morning is SUPER WEIRD....allow me =.=lll

- morning 7.15Am -
*mirotic ringing*

me: ah fuck. why is it ringin so early? which idiot sms me?

*mirotic ring ring*

me: jesus!!! *takes phone and look*

*phone screen: black*

me: *halfclose eyes* the fuck? oh. alarm...*thinks* on a wednesday? *switch on phone*

*phone on* *screen: TU [short form for tue]

me: shit =.= my calender got problem again *throws phone aside and go back to sleep*



me: 0.0 JESUS CHRIST *picks up phone* TODAY IS TUESDAY. *runs to go prepare for school*

seriously =.- my brains are halfway there....

ANYWAY, the reason for this crack is probably sleepin at 1am last night. read a SUPAR touching OC yaoi fic.
all should read
Loving Salem [18+]

I dont understand a single shit in this class. *goes back to facebook*


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