Kaname-sama doing Rabi[third uniform] from D'Gray KYAHHHHHHHHHH~~~<3 size="2">GODDAMMIT! this world is gettin way more twisted.

Some people should stop spreading people's unglam pictures around ON PURPOSE. I mean since you are the one who takes it, its fine, but please take it down if people request for it to be. IF ITS NOT YOURS, STOP TAKING IT FROM OTHER PEOPLE AND IT IS NOT EVEN YOUR PICTURES. seriously, does it really feel that good to make someone hurt and insulted? When was the last time you looked into a mirror? For all the fuck, you might be someone more hideous den the supposedly posted person. I have no humor when it comes to this kind of things, and dont even tell me you are just joking. I know I look like an easy going person at times, but when it comes to reputation, I dont give a fuck bout what you say. Destroy mine or someone else's reputation[be it my friend or my acqutaince], i'll make YOURS miserable. This goes to my other friends and acquaintances too, its even worse if it is among yourself, DO YOU STILL CALL YOURSELF FRIENDS?

on the lighter side~~

Went to school for fyp meeting today. you know...its like...TEAM 7[naruto] IRL. hahahahahha
our advisor Khai Munn is like super cool, makes jokes once in a while, but is usually serious but still easy going at times, so he's Kakashi kind XD
Elwin, hahahaha SUPER JOKER, super nice guy. So he can be Naruto, but i'd say he's more like chouji 8D cept that he doesnt eat all the time.
Ashley, hahahha TADA, the womanly woman of our group so the title of Sakura-chan~ goes to her. LOL
and of course, i'll take sasuke. 8D not that I am anything like sasuke, but they are missin me to make a set XD

AND~~~ *NEWSFLASH* all FYP teams usually have 4-5 people+1advisor. BUT i think we are the only 3-men team >.>lll So yep X3

i thought my average was low, but elwin's and ashley's were even lower XD that makes me sasuke i guess? *gets bricked*

anyway. nothing much to do still. all i have is facebook and sgcafe. lawls. lame right.

I think i have been brainwashed by mirotic though[+1 for preshie]. All I do from the time I wake up till the time i sleep is listen to mirotic, watch mirotic mvs. =.= now, whenever i hear mirotic, even if i dont watch the MV, I can still visualise it already. hahaha, why yesterday, preshie jus got frightened and woke up by mirotic in class, and she say that it seems like everyone's phones are ringin mirotic to her.

mirotic ar mirotic =.=llll such an addictive song beh.


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